This concept was called Izakaya style that simulating the Japanese fishermen's culture for 100 years

Journey through the time Ignoring all the hardships of life, just step through the door and go through the sky. Shamoiji leading you on an exciting journey, imagine the space of ancient fishing villages in the Japan. A moment of reunion Hundreds of years ago, after long fishing trips. Every time, they return to the mainland goes with the happiness for the moment of reunion after many days apart. The small fishing villages suddenly became bustling in the night. People gather dishes, prepare lights, tables and chairs, etc. All are busy to enjoy not only the fresh produce and seafood they find, but also the warm atmosphere from the friendly meal. honey by the red fire. Share joyful moments When the fishing villagers gather around the fire, they use a familiar tool in their voyages, a giant Shamoji ladle to deliver dishes to each others. Just like that, laughter and laughter echoed in a corner of the sky, they talked all night about what they had experienced in the voyages and the days at home waiting for people to return to the sea…

Signature Dishes


Shamoij Robata Yaki always uses finest seafood, carefully selected at the famous Toyosu fish market in Japan, and shipped directly to Vietnam through Yen Market supermarket every week to ensure the ingredient are always fresh with the best standard.

Yen Market is a supplier of fresh ingredients imported by air from Japan, diners who love food at Shamoji Robata yaki can find ingredients here to create their own delicious dishes. taste at home.
Almost foods at Shamoji Robata Yaki are directly imported by air from Japan, there is only found at Yen Market.

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Events & Promotions


Tuna Cutting Show

Tuna Cutting Show is a traditional event in the land of cherry blossoms, bringing fortune for new beginnings. The chef will handle and process the giant tuna directly during this activity. As gourmets with a special fondness for Japanese cuisine, the “fishermen” don’t miss the appointment to enjoy the fresh

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Events & Promotions

This concept was called Izakaya style that simulating the Japanese fishermen’s culture for 100 years

The Art & Interiors and Galaxy ID are two prestigious interior design and construction companies that have accompanied the Shamoji Robata Yaki chain to create spaces deeply inspired by the traditional fishing villages of Japan. Immersed in a colourful and lively atmosphere that reflects the nature and spirit of Japanese fishermen, they have successfully crafted a perfect culinary experience for diners.

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